SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: November 12, 2015

I regret my parents’ first divorce. It tore our family apart and sent everyone in their own direction. It was the start of several battles…

Mom, I regret the cause of all three divorces was because you are addicted to drugs and alcohol and found them to be more important than your family. Dad paid thousands of dollars to put you through several rehabs.

I regret the way everyone’s relationships inside and outside the family have changed because of you.

I regret that I had to speak to my own mother the way I did as a form of intervention. But she loved the alcohol, drugs, and sex more than her own family.

Dad, I regret you ever finding out about my eating disorder, my cutting, and my abusive boyfriend. I regret the stress it puts you through even though you’re not very knowledgeable about any of it.

I regret the way you turned against us all, Mom. The way you treated your mother, your daughters, your son, and your husband. You can be so selfish.

I regret that I’m reluctant to ever become a mother because I’m terrified I’ll make the same mistakes that you did…though I’m nothing like you.

I DO NOT regret the fact that I had to move in with my teacher and her husband. I just regret the reasons why I had to in the first place.

I regret the countless hours I cried over it and the countless hours I spent passed out from cutting so much before I found a backbone.

I don’t regret that I do love what’s left of my family.

20, Female.

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