SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: November 2, 2015

I really wish she had come to me and talked to me. If she had offered me even half the decency any wife deserves as a human being to know the truth…things probubly would have turned out differently. If my husband was half the man he has claimed and looked to be in the eyes of others for so long, he should’ve done the same and allowed me at least the minimum decency to know the truth…to know who I sleep beside and what that voice really does sound like who actually loves when he says he does. He’ll never get it…and neither will she. They r two of a kind that teamed up and called it love. They were so childishly involved in their own selfish fantacies of what they concidered love they lost all concept of how to …if they ever did. Anyone other than themselves at least and maybe each other for the mirror images of their shared empty sick souls. Before they stopped to think if they should they just figured they would and didnt bother to invite the person into the plot to do anything but walk around feeling left out not ever knowing when the bomb was going to go off. I got news for them…I am a fighter and will always be a survivor dispite what it may look like from time to time. I have a soul that has been blessed by the untouchable and I will only go down when it is the right thing to do…think what you will and say what you will…in the end I will not loose what is most important in this life…because its something they cannot take…its not for sale and it is so strong it can never be broken or stolen. They might look like the winning rabbits…but I will happily end this life as a strong tortise who will live well beyond what they are capable of lasting

One thought on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: November 2, 2015

  1. OK, I see your husband and somebody is having some love affair but I think I’m confused on what your regret is? That your husband and or this girl did not come and talk to you?


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