SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: October 27, 2015

I regret finding you again, and calling you, and talking for 2 hours about things that don’t matter anymore. I regret that I didn’t ask you in those 2 hours if you still love me, and not knowing is killing me. I regret it because if I tried to follow my heart right now I’d be ending a 7 year long marriage and hurting my two beautiful children. I regret that it’s even an option. I can only hope I’m strong enough to use my head just this once in life.

28 female

2 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: October 27, 2015

  1. Stay strong! Your children deserve that. I can tell you with the wisdom of age that old loves pull at your heartstrings occasionally. They tempt you with what ifs and the promise that any day to day problems will be solved if you just start up that relationship again. They are exciting and they are lies. There is a reason they are old loves. They were not right for you then, and they can potentially destroy you now. Do the right thing and give a healthy happy childhood to your children. Do not make them be products of a broken home. If you don’t believe me, Google studies done on children of divorce. Danger of being raised in a lower income home, higher molestation rates thru being exposed to different males they are not related to in the home, less likelihood of educational success, etc etc. No emotional thrill from an old love is worth that. Female 60


  2. Totally agree with the above comments. She is right on.
    Please don’t go there ….it’s not worth the risk. HE isn’t worth
    the risk otherwise you would have been with him long ago. You have young children and a husband. This will devastate
    them and the best thing to do is end all contact with this man now. Your
    family deserves this and believe me it will destroy them. My husband walked out after 25 years of marriage and had an affair with an old love and then
    married her. This was devastating to me and my two daughters. The only
    good thing about this was my daughters were grown. Had they been young
    and this happened I know it would have been much, much worse on them. Please
    think of your children. Best wishes to you Female age 56.


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