I regret never finishing college… I went for awhile after High School, only to drop out after two semesters, due to my alcoholism taking off…. In sobriety, I have tried multiple times to go back, but would always give up due to feeling overwhelmed and dumb….

I look at where I am now in life, nearly 40 years old, without any college education, no “career” to speak of, just a job, barely making ends meet, and still not “smart enough” to even think about going back to school….

2 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: October 8, 2015

  1. Yeah. I’m feeling the same we should be a group to encourage each other n study together. There r so many avenues for higher education online which r persuable.


  2. You were smart enough and strong enough to get sober. And that speaks volumes. You have accomplished more than most. Start at a community college and take all of the introductory courses you need to until your study habits are solid. Do the classes in-person as opposed to online so you have that human connection with school. I look forward to reading your doctoral dissertation and no, I am not kidding.


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