To My Ex’s Future Wife:

Dear Sweet Lady,
I write this to the one who will take the last name of a man that I only dated many years ago. However, had I not been selfish in my ways, I would have been the one walking down the aisle to say ‘I Do’ to this man. Does this make me jealous? Absolutely. Does this make me regret those childish decisions all those years ago? Absolutely. Does this make me wish nothing but the best for the two of you? Absolutely. You see, this man, I truly believe was my soulmate, the one who could complete my sentences and I likewise. We had a unique bond, in my mind, the you only find once in a lifetime bond. When I think of this man, my heart feels empty, more like a hole inside my chest, because this man is no longer part of my world (even in the slightest way). I loved almost every aspect of this man, and he loved almost every aspect of me. We partied a lot back in those days and during that time, we simply took each other for granted and began to drift apart. I was foolish and choose to become emotionally involved with another man, when times got tough. Yes, absolutely my fault, I wear all the blame in our relationship turning out the way it did. No one is to blame for my turning elsewhere, instead of talking to the one who would have given everything for me, about what was going wrong, other than me. I know that I broke this mans heart into a million pieces, and I want to thank you for allowing him to love again. Funny thing is, I broke my own heart into a million pieces as well, but I deserved that for being so selfish. I know without a doubt he loves you wholeheartedly or he would not have put a ring on your finger. I want to thank you for showing him what true love really is suppose to be about. Do I ask about him from time to time? Yes. I do so, because I hope that he is truly happy and it seems that you have opened up his heart to allow love to flow through, and for that I will be eternally grateful to you. He deserves nothing less than a woman who will love him through the good and the bad. A woman who will be there to support him in whatever he chooses to do, to make him a better person today than he was yesterday. He deserves to be held at night, to wake up beside a woman who will never stray, he deserves to be listened to without judgement, he deserves to have his wife be his best friend, and I truly believe you have and will continue to give all of these things to him and more. So, as you walk down the aisle to say “I Do”, remember this: there is a woman who once loved your soon to be husband the way that you do on this day, please take good care of him and continue to love and cherish him throughout the rest of your days. Marriage is not an easy task (yes, I am married now) and (yes, my husband knows how I felt about this man), and I learned a lot from the mistakes of my past. When things get tough, as they sometimes will, look back on the day you got married and remember all of the reasons you wanted to walk down the aisle to your future husband, because I know there are plenty of wonderful reasons to marry this man. The love I have for this man allows me to only want the best for him forever and always, and I truly wish the two of you many, many years of happy times and I hope you are able to grow old together, to grow with each other and to love more deeply as each anniversary passes. Here’s to a life long journey, that regretfully, I wish was mine to take. Thank you once again for bringing joy and pure love back into his life, I love you as well because of that fact.


The Wish It Could Have Been Me Lady
Female, 37

2 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: October 5, 2015

  1. There isnt selfishness when there is love my dear sweet phony. Love isnt shared with selfish intentions guiding the situation. Selfindulgence purhaps but not love for one another. If this man has moved into a more serious relationship since you and decided to dedicate the rest of his life to another woman it is not because you broke his heart necessarily. Its more likely due to the fact that he may very well hasfinally grown up a bit and met a real woman that he truly cherish and call his own. That is the soulmate that is worth counting on and is more full filling in this life. His happiness as well as hers has nothing to do with your actions or non actions nor the childish memories you once shared between you two. It seems you may like to stroke your own ego in attempts to lick your wounds in thinking this future bride would somehow need your permission or childish insight to love this guy and make him happy. Im sure she can love him far more through and through than what you could comprehend which is why he has fallen in true love with her instead of just the mask that you were offering. I feel sympathetic towards your spouce at reading this. You say he knows of this past lustory you call love and yet he supports and loves you dispite your childish selfish ways hoping to see love like that from you towards himself. Yet its a fantacy love that is not whole. Whole true love is not about anyony else and yet youve managed to try to make it all about you once again. Until you learn to grow up and realise that its not all about you…you will never really know what true love even is never mind understand soulmates and their place in this life. Google soulmates and do some research of them and im sure youll find many types of soulmates are ment to be apart of our lives and simply teach us along the way until we are ready for the real deal darling.
    I hope for your husbands sake you at least try… Or you may find one day he could have had a growth spirt of his own and be off in another direction withanother women who is busy focusing on just herself at the time.


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