SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: September 28, 2015

I regret that day 10 years ago when I opened the door to addiction. I know better, I was raised so well. I have the best family, my parents….. Thus the reason I have become the best at making sure my dark secret of addiction remains a secret. The lies I’ve told, all the times I’ve been late to work, to dinner, to almost everything I have ever been invited to. I feel so fake. I tried to convince myself that I’m a functioning addicted addict. Nobody but me really knows just how lonely my sleepless life is. That’s how great my smile, my conversation, my high vocabulary is, not one person realizes. The worst emotion I feel to have to live with is, regret. I regret that I’m the best liar you’ll ever meet. I’m sorry to every human being that I’ve ever lied to.

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