I regret not kissing you one night we were both working late.

I worked with you for seven years, and was in love with you for most of that time and never told you. I think you were interested, but I’ll never know. It’s been over four years since I left the company and I still think of you, still wonder what could have been, still wonder if you think of me. I’m married, but to the wrong man, or so I think.

I regret not taking the time to get to know you better as a co-worker and friend – perhaps now we’d be friends.

I haven’t seen you in three and a half years and I don’t know when I’ll see you again. The last time I saw you, you almost kissed me on the lips rather than on the cheek and I regret not kissing you. You’re my Facebook friend, so I can see pictures of you, and that will have to suffice.

Seven years at work… four years since… that means I met you over 11 years ago and I simply cannot let go. I regret that I think of you so often, and that I’ve let this drag on. I will always regret not telling you about my feelings.

Wow… it feels good to finally get that out… while several people knew I liked you, not a person on this planet knows that I still think of you despite being married.

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