I regret stepping on that train to Prague and leaving you behind. I regret not saying goodbye to a life that I thought I had to lead and going for a life with a lovely person such as you. I regret not being more aggressive when I called you a year later to find out what direction you had taken in life. I regret these things because now we are in the biggest dilemma of our lives and all of this could have been avoided if I had only followed my heart instead of my fears.

One thought on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: August 13, 2015

  1. We all make mistakes in life,but at the time they do not look like mistakes to us,because they appear to be what we want,later when we look back with the knowledge we have acquired through the years,we realise they were mistakes,but then how could we have known? Or may be we sort of knew we were acting against our own best interest but we had not yet acquire the courage or wisdom to not go along with it.I don’t know what your situation is and I sincerely hope you find a solution to your dilemma.


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