i regret not getting in the car and driving to your house at 3 am.
i regret being “too tired” to actually read that text when my phone buzzed at 2:48 am november 9th, 2009.
i regret not being there like i promised i’d always be.
i regret not being the best friend you deserved.
i regret not stopping you from swallowing two bottles of tylenol and a liter of vodka.
i regret not saving you.

i regret not having the strength to delete that text from my phone.

One thought on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: August 12, 2015

  1. Please stop torturing yourself.You were not responsible for your friend’s suicide,that was his or her choice.May be your friend had been threatening suicide before,someone used to threaten suicide to manipulate me,after a while it lost its sense of urgency,I don’t know your circumstances and I am not judging the situation,a friend of mine’s wife did that to him and always made sure she did not take enough pills to actually kill herself until she miscalculated and died.I am not saying you should ignore threats of suicide because some are genuine,but people who take their own lives make a choice no matter how misguided and you are NOT responsible for it.Please see a counsellor,you must not bottle this up because it could lead to depression.Guilt is a terrible thing,this is why some people use guilt to manipulate others.Take care.


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