I regret wasting the last semester of my senior year in college on a guy I thought I was falling for. I hate to say I regret the time we spent together, I do have many wonderful memories, but my infatuation with him caused me to alienate many of my best friends. It was never a perfect relationship from the beginning, and he was able to take advantage of me more easily than I’d like to admit. He ended things 5 days after my graduation and I have come to find out he is now seeing his ex-girlfriend. Originally, I believed he wasn’t ready for what I didn’t know I was ready for (a relationship), but I now realize I wasted my time so that he could kill his time waiting for her to come home for the summer. I’ll move on, I know I will, but I will never get back those 5 months I spent growing in love while he was playing a game I didn’t know the rules to.


2 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: August 10, 2015

  1. Never regret falling in love. Even if the person at the time didn’t love you back. You were honest and followed your heart. The moment is gone now and the lessons you have learnt will make you a stronger person for the future.


  2. Yes, it is sad you wasted five months with this guy,but it was only five months and you are still young enough to rebuilt your life again and hopefully that experience has taught you something ,like to recognise when a man is using you.You still have your entire life ahead of you ,you still can have children.There are cases when a woman waste not five months of her life but YEARS with the wrong guy and when she finally leaves the such a “relationship” it is then too late for many things.Consider yourself lucky!


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