I regret the time it took me to get over you. You were my tumultuous summer and an education I so desperately needed-but I refused to let go of the growing pains and your lessons were lost on the shores of my stubbornness. I spent years pushing forward, but never far enough to escape your ghost. I’m not that person anymore. The fire is gone, and I wonder now how long it has been so. How long did I ignore the burning before i realized that it was in my legs and not my heart, and that I was never facing down the future but running from the past? Muddied days and weeks but I know better. Years. Yet even so there lingers a piece of me that remembers, a small fragment from our beautiful explosion. And at night I can hear it gently whisper, like your sleepy voice on the phone a lifetime ago.

2 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: August 6, 2015

  1. Poetry is lovely….most unrealistic to the real world….but lovely non the less. I guess if it weren’t for the early birds in the world, filling in their morning time with poetry…there wouldn’t but much left to read but romance novels and history lessons of the past, to entertain those of us who get stuck in the responsibilities of life and get bored, of carrying the heavy loads for others, while hanging onto the child-hood dreams of there being something extrodinary in life for us all to actually get up in the morning earlier for


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