Each time you go out drinking, I always wish you’d get killed in an accident!! I regret seeing you alive when you come home !!! I wish you’d just disappear from my life!

One thought on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: August 5, 2015

  1. You don’t give more details about your predicament.It seems you are trapped with a man who has a serious drinking problem and might be abusive towards you as well.Why are you staying with this man that you hate so much, that you wish he was dead? Is that what your life amounts to and will continue to amount to? Are you staying because you have young children? Do you think a drunk and abusive father is a stabilizing background for growing little humans? That children need a father and mother to grow up happy and adjusted in just another of society’s preconceive beliefs.It is far better to live in a peaceful and loving home with one parent than two parents who hate each other or a father who abuses the mother and may be the children as well.Is it financial? You do not have a job so as to earn your own money,have independence and rely on him to survive? Whatever it is you need help to get away from this man before something terrible happens.Please get that help!


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