I regret not being a good enough mother to my children. My husband is deployed and I have two young children, 5 months and 2 years. I regret yelling at my toddler this morning, not being strong enough when they need me the most. I regret being angry at God, and losing my faith. I just regret who I am, and wish that I was different.. and better.

2 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: August 3, 2015

  1. Being alone while your spouse is deployed is rough. I speak from long experience in this particular area. Don’t beat yourself up over stressing out and snapping at your little one. You are aware of it and you will strive to be better. Children are very forgiving. Hug your babies. If you can, nap when they do to get more rest. We all feel better with more sleep. If there are other spouses near you in the same boat, get together with them. Let them know what you’re feeling. There is strength in shared numbers. Plan play dates with other moms. Perhaps you can get a sitter once in a while for just an hour or two to give yourself a break to do something fun. Let your husbands commanders wife know if you continue to have problems, she can and will help. Tell yourself “This too shall pass” Believe me it always does. Before you know it, the deployment will be over and he’ll be home. Hugs to you!!! We serve our country as well as our spouses.


  2. Do not be so hard on yourself. Nobody is perfect, parenting is hard enough without the additional stress you face. Not sure but it seems you have a Christian faith, God is still there, even though he seems distant. Trust me I know what that feels like. I told a friend this once during a very difficult time in which it seemed there were no solutions, or better days ahead, and he told me to listen to the song What a Friend we have in Jesus and “get on with it. ”

    Best wishes


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