I regret not standing up for myself more when I was in school. I was bullied almost constantly starting in elementary school and it escalated in high school. The worst part was knowing that I did nothing to the people who were bullying me but they knew I was an easy target and never let up. I also regret not having teachers or school staff who really cared enough to help. I often went to the staff to get help but nothing was ever done. A girl got just one day of in school suspension for handing out baby shower invitations to the entire school for me when I was not even pregnant but if I would have resorted to some sort of violence, I would have been expelled. A girl who put itching powder [which felt more like shards of glass] down my back in class did not get any sort of punishment. Most of all, I regret that physical violence is taken way more seriously than emotional when in my opinion, and I am sure in the opinion of many other victims of bullying, I would have rather been hit a few times than tortured emotionally every single day. I hope that some day, they take bullying more seriously in schools before suicide becomes even more of a problem.

One thought on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: July 30, 2015

  1. Bullying is an act of cowardice,because bullies usually pick on people who cannot fight back for many reasons.In Australia bullying is now recognised as a criminal offense if it can be proven and if the victims have committed suicide as the result of it those responsible are prosecuted if apprehended.But sadly very often bullies still get away with tormenting others.Not enough is done in school to stop it although schools have started educating children about it and the effects it has on the victims.Sadly I believe school still put bullying in the” too hard basket” and also in some cases bullying can be mistaken for assertion and more often treated as banter between children.You were bullied in school because of your low self esteem and bullies can pick up on this very quickly,the more you remain passive the worse the bullying will be,to stop a bully you have to stand up for yourself,hoping that a bully will stop on her or his own accord is an error of judgement and as bullies are also cowards if you stand up for yourself they will back off.You were bullied as a young and helpless girl but you will not be bullied now,stand up for yourself,speak up and do not be afraid,it is the ONLY way to keep bullies off your back.


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