My secret regret it is doing methamphetamine and dangerous  drugs for over 20 years in a marriage that is twenty five years old. And the regret of the money, the time, and the dangers of drug use without my family knowing or being aware of it. I do the drugs because of the character flaw with myself.

The ups, the downs, stomach aches, mental illnesses faked — all to change the way my wife thought, convincing her I was sick or depressed.

3 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: July 29, 2015

  1. At least you recognised that you had a serious problem and are I hope trying to do something about it.We all have flaws of character and some people have body chemistry that make them more prone to become serious drug addicts.I hope you are seeing someone about it now.Drugs have brought havoc in your life,it will not change until you do something about it now!


  2. If you have stopped using drugs then you dont need to have regrets. You should realize that you are one of those few individuals who get control over their this bad habit and did not endup being a victim of drug overdose or other horrible ending like that. So you are a strong person and you should rejoice this fact.


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