I regret bringing not so nice men around my children. The men I chose to be in my life didn’t treat me very kind and my babies started growing up and seeing these nasty behaviors they had. I think God for showing me the light and waking me up from my dark ways. Me and two children are great by ourselves. I know now I don’t need a man to validate me and I must not settle for less

2 thoughts on “SECRET REGRET OF THE DAY: July 24, 2015

  1. Your story is so true. I found myself so much happier without all the BS the guys pulled on me. I wouldn’t trade my life now for those times again.


  2. Good for you! You are absolutely right. I wish all mothers would put their children first. I did it and got rid of the ex and his verbal abuse, on line cheating, then physically cheating , self destruction then destruction of
    our family. I now have two adult young women who are responsible, honest, driven, beautiful , successful…. you name it. We are incredibly close and they give me all the credit and I love it. I am so much happier and relaxed now that I don’t have to put up with any man’s crap anymore. No woman should EVER settle just to be with a man.


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